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Sam Diletto: one of my mentors!

Sam Diletto: one of my mentors!

From: Michelle Diletto (Mon Feb 15 17:59:39 2010)
Hi John Jr.
This is one of Sam's daughters Michelle. How crazy to see my dads photo. I am curious of how he was your mentor? He was mine as well. It was really cool to see that you still remember him. I rememeber your father as well. Lots of good times.
From: Good guy, good family (Mon Aug 31 12:31:22 2015)
He was a good guy. So was Anne. Liked the entire family. Dated Sandra(beautiful,smart)during the Wisebuy days. Still on my bucket list to apologize, cause I was a jerk, (still bothers me) but I think she's in Florida. Mario

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