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Album: Tray B

RGJ as teenagers
Last change: 05/28/06
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Album: Tray L Phillippa

This tray is a continuation of the Phillippa slides cover family events when John, Gordon and Rhonda were teens.
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Album: Untitled
Last change: 12/31/69
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Album: Frieda Tray 01

This tray has been grouped but not in a logical sequence. I have decided to post it as is until I decide whether to categorize it. CONTENTS: Philippa neighbors at 4141 Howard, Dotty Burnett baby shower, Valentine Party, Adams weekend, Gordon's Group, and Johns Group.
Last change: 12/22/15
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Album: Frieda Tray 02
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Album: Frieda Tray 03
Last change: 07/23/15
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