The John N Shankland Family 

This page contains the catagorys of the slides of John N Shankland. Each catagory contains many albums

Highlight for Album: JNS Family Events
Album: JNS Family Events

There are 29 carousels of Family events ending in 1988.
Last change: 07/22/06
Contains: 24 items.*
Viewed: 2386 times.

Highlight for Album: Trips
Album: Trips

Photos of various trips and vacations taken over the years.
Last change: 07/29/06
Contains: 12 items.*
Viewed: 1515 times.

Highlight for Album: Friends
Album: Friends

Trips visits and events with friends.
Last change: 07/30/06
Contains: 5 items.*
Viewed: 1191 times.

Highlight for Album: John N Family from Frieda
Album: John N Family from Frieda

Various shots from visits to us by Frieda in Ohio, New Jersey, Lake of the woods, and LaGrange and some early shots from Western Springs.
Last change: 05/20/06
Contains: 111 items.*
Viewed: 2852 times.

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