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John and Gordon teaching John Shotwell to play Acquire. This was Gordon's and my all time favorite board game. We played for hours in the Stone Park days.

From: Robyn (Thu May 11 07:13:53 2006)
I remember
From: Shelbyvette (Wed Apr 18 14:09:49 2018) GOOD ico GOOD ico GOOD ico GOOD ico GOOD ico
Grandma Mary and ?

From: patti adams (Wed Jan 31 21:01:28 2018)
that is my moms brothers wife (Mary Ellen Thurston) and their 3rd child Stephen
Patti's Brother?

From: patti adams (Wed Jan 31 20:57:53 2018)
yes that's my moms brother Thomas Thurston.
Robyn, Billy, Patti, John, Cotey, and Crissy

From: patti adams (Wed Jan 31 20:33:29 2018)
I'm pretty sure that is johnny in the picture not billy. (he wasn't born until 81)
Don't know

From: Jan (Mon Jan 15 15:30:15 2018)
Little Jimmie?
Go girl!!

From: Jan (Mon Jan 15 15:27:16 2018)
Bet she hates them now!
Ed and Jackie

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From: Debbie Bernett (Wed Dec 28 07:14:40 2016)
Ray and Dottie Bernett

From: Chassidy (Fri Mar 18 22:45:04 2016)
Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on thhrguo.

From: Jace (Fri Mar 18 22:32:41 2016)
Didn't know the forum rules allowed such brlliiant posts.
Judy Lewis

From: Nephi (Fri Mar 18 22:09:02 2016)
I am totally wowed and preraped to take the next step now.

From: Kierra (Fri Mar 18 22:02:07 2016)
Inoiomatfrn is power and now I'm a !@#$ing dictator.

From: Hessy (Fri Mar 18 21:49:35 2016)
Dude, right on there bretroh.
David and Kayla Storme

From: Alexandra (Fri Mar 18 21:42:13 2016)
We need more ingthsis like this in this thread.

From: Shirl (Fri Mar 18 21:37:18 2016)
Knolwedge wants to be free, just like these articles!

From: Kiana (Fri Mar 18 21:28:39 2016)
I really coun'ldt ask for more from this article.
Jeff DeFronzo

From: Gertrude (Fri Mar 18 21:26:51 2016)
Clear, inmtvfaoire, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?

From: Jenelle (Fri Mar 18 21:15:13 2016)
That's 2 clever by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thknas!

From: Jacalyn (Fri Mar 18 21:10:07 2016)
What a plaeruse to meet someone who thinks so clearly

From: Jeana (Fri Mar 18 21:07:30 2016)
Thkniing like that shows an expert at work

From: Sagar (Fri Mar 18 20:53:48 2016)
Pleasing you should think of sohtmeing like that

From: JONI (Thu Jul 13 10:44:21 2006)
From: Mccayde (Fri Mar 18 20:32:06 2016)
A really good answer, full of ralatnioity!
Christine (Missy) Skulstad and friend

From: Dayanara (Fri Mar 18 20:31:00 2016)
Deep thought! Thanks for cotnbiruting.
Son Travis, Cindy and Mike Shain at a fund raiser. 1800s Reanacting

From: Charleigh (Fri Mar 18 20:30:48 2016)
Good point. I hadn't thouhgt about it quite that way. :)

From: Stafon (Fri Mar 18 20:24:44 2016)
Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I apaeicrpte it.

From: Nelly (Fri Mar 18 20:14:37 2016)
Yup, that'll do it. You have my approciatien.

From: Vlora (Fri Mar 18 20:03:35 2016)
Entinhleging the world, one helpful article at a time.

From: Janelle (Wed Jan 27 15:13:01 2016)
Kudos! What a neat way of thniking about it.

From: Reggie (Wed Jan 27 15:12:56 2016)
Super iniomratfve writing; keep it up.

From: Ollie (Wed Jan 27 14:57:36 2016)
That's more than seesibln! That's a great post!

From: Ricky (Wed Jan 27 14:10:14 2016)
What a plrusaee to meet someone who thinks so clearly

From: Julie Hungerford (Mon Jan 4 14:37:44 2016)
What wonderful times to remmber.

From: Bret (Tue Dec 22 03:58:28 2015)
I can't belviee I've been going for years without knowing that.

From: Giena (Tue Dec 22 03:14:35 2015)
This is just the pecfert answer for all forum members

From: Diane (Tue Apr 25 14:46:46 2006)
Terri Hungerford ( Pless )
From: Mateus (Tue Dec 22 03:09:00 2015)
Intiglelence and simplicity - easy to understand how you think.
Terry Anthony

From: Jamie (Tue Dec 22 03:05:52 2015)
An ininlltgeet answer - no BS - which makes a pleasant change
Chillin In My Diapers

From: RiTa (Tue Dec 22 02:50:30 2015)
Your post has lieftd the level of debate
Larry and Betty

From: Yukiko (Tue Dec 22 02:42:38 2015)
Kewl you should come up with that. Exlneclet!
Julie and Laura

From: Fahim (Tue Dec 22 02:40:52 2015)
Action requires kngodelwe, and now I can act!
Marleen, Jean, Julie, Jan, Jacki, Beverly Lathom

From: Raquel (Tue Dec 22 01:34:57 2015)
At last! Someone with real exirptese gives us the answer. Thanks!

From: Aaliyah (Tue Dec 22 01:31:03 2015)
I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enailtlrhng!

From: Nakano (Tue Dec 22 01:30:25 2015)
The hosnety of your posting shines through
Delta Airlines (6 "free" tickets) so off to Club Med in Guadalupe

From: Robyn (Tue May 23 16:55:50 2006)
why were they free?? that wing looks shabby!!!
From: Samuel (Tue Dec 22 00:12:47 2015)
hi, have read ur blog for long, but my 1st time left msg here.I went to the same restaurant on sunady as well!!! I can't help myself keeping laughing at the "name" u know there's a dish named"耶路撒冷炒飯"!!!!!! LOL

From: Pawan (Wed Dec 16 12:34:45 2015)
God, I feel like I shluod be takin notes! Great work
1948 Chicago

From: Katiane (Wed Dec 16 12:04:35 2015)
This is the best weblog i have ever seen. Thanks for pubciling this usefull information. cam sex I will come back in a few days to see you have post some new articles.
Marilyn Eshoo

From: Kamil (Wed Dec 16 11:54:47 2015)
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From: Subhas (Wed Dec 16 11:53:35 2015)
Have you given any consideration at all with trstalaning your current site in to French? I know a several of translaters right here that will would help you do it for no cost if you wanna get in touch with me.
This was the punch line of an old joke about your mother falling off the roof.

From: Robert (Wed Dec 16 11:17:30 2015)
Wow, this is in every recspet what I needed to know.

From: Ambar (Wed Dec 16 11:15:51 2015)
You've got to be kidding me-it's so trsnpaarently clear now!

From: Paula (Wed Dec 16 11:08:35 2015)
I don't know who you wrote this for but you helped a broethr out.

From: Princessjanine (Wed Dec 16 10:59:46 2015)
It's spooky how clever some ppl are. Thasnk!
I actually remember this experience, the water was so cold I couldn't get in past my ankles

From: Damian (Wed Dec 16 10:15:58 2015)
All of these articles have saved me a lot of hedcaahes.

From: Donald (Wed Dec 16 09:58:11 2015)
Wow I must confess you make some very trnnehact points.

From: Ricardo (Sat Sep 26 04:50:24 2015)
It's good to get a fresh way of lokniog at it.
Pat and Kay Adams

From: Ibo (Sat Sep 26 04:17:16 2015)
This is the perfect way to break down this inaoimftron.
Gordon, Rhonda, Janet Sethne, Rex Keith, Dayrl Sethne, Mark Sethne

From: Daniel (Sat Sep 26 03:57:41 2015)
You're on top of the game. Thanks for shrinag.
Sam Diletto: one of my mentors!

From: Michelle Diletto (Mon Feb 15 17:59:39 2010)
Hi John Jr.
This is one of Sam's daughters Michelle. How crazy to see my dads photo. I am curious of how he was your mentor? He was mine as well. It was really cool to see that you still remember him. I rememeber your father as well. Lots of good times.
From: Good guy, good family (Mon Aug 31 12:31:22 2015)
He was a good guy. So was Anne. Liked the entire family. Dated Sandra(beautiful,smart)during the Wisebuy days. Still on my bucket list to apologize, cause I was a jerk, (still bothers me) but I think she's in Florida. Mario
Dad, Mom and Aunt Jackie during her trip to SanDiego with Aunt Jerri

From: Helena (Thu Jul 23 17:17:13 2015)
It's worudnfel to have you on our side, haha!
Jeff Kolack

From: Mohamed (Thu Jul 23 14:33:13 2015)
Th'ats the best answer of all time! JMHO
Mrs John Hungerford

From: Mosharof (Thu Jul 23 10:31:03 2015)
Ecioemons are in dire straits, but I can count on this!

From: Zouhir (Thu Jul 23 09:36:08 2015)
Just cause it's simple doesn't mean it's not super helfpul.

From: Marilu (Thu Jul 23 07:42:31 2015)
Yeah, that's the tiectk, sir or ma'am

From: Shanna (Thu Jul 23 07:15:45 2015)
Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet arcteli. Lol thanks

From: Zarya (Thu Jul 23 07:12:11 2015)
Now I know who the brainy one is, I'll keep loiknog for your posts.

From: Luck (Thu Jul 23 05:48:45 2015)
Hey, that's a clever way of thkining about it.

From: Ana (Thu Jul 23 04:30:27 2015)
Your article was exnlelect and erudite.
The Shain Family
Katey, Travis, Cindy, Mike
Samantha, Jamie

From: Gamzeli (Thu Jul 23 04:29:31 2015)
That's a nicely made answer to a chlgnealing question

From: Luis (Thu Jul 23 04:03:52 2015)
I don't know who you wrote this for but you helped a brtheor out.

From: Asuka (Thu Jul 23 02:10:34 2015)
This is both street smart and inntillgeet.

From: Orquidea (Thu Jul 23 00:35:40 2015)
Hey, you're the goto expetr. Thanks for hanging out here.
Little Brown Church in the Vale. Waterloo Iowa. I am sure that this was part of a trip to visit Burrell Shankland in Floyd Iowa. Aug 1953

From: Robyn (Thu Mar 2 11:21:39 2006)
Dad is that your belly shirt!!!! LOL
From: John Shankland (dad) (Tue Mar 7 06:03:13 2006)
Always ahead of my time.
From: Jobeth (Mon Jan 14 18:59:41 2013)
A mnitue saved is a minute earned, and this saved hours!
From: Redhitta (Wed Jul 22 20:09:13 2015)
If time is money you've made me a wetlihaer woman.
Joyce at someone's wedding....? Johnny, Bill, Bobby Storme ? (in hat), Grandma Hungerford, Julie, Jerri, circa 1967.jpg

From: Julie Hungerford (Wed Jun 10 00:02:13 2015)
This the church where Jim and Diane where married.
Creative wrapping

From: Saswat (Fri Jun 13 11:03:15 2014)
At last some raantitlioy in our little debate.
Twins   Halloween 2006

From: Jeffzkie (Fri Jun 13 11:01:39 2014)
Yeah that's what I'm talking about banib--yce work!

From: Crissy Ship (crissy) (Fri May 19 19:28:23 2006)
Our dog - 1/2 English Bull dog, 1/2 Miniature Dachsund.
From: gaurfartege (Wed Oct 23 06:15:15 2013)

Zwaanendael Museum Lewes De. Lewes was first settled by the Dutch.

From: Gracie (Sun Sep 1 22:16:55 2013)
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From: Karolyne (Thu Aug 15 17:09:21 2013)
Son of a gun, this is so hefplul!
Rhonda in Kenosha? Circa 1950

From: linkwheel (Thu Jun 6 10:12:29 2013)
Thanks so much for the article.Thanks Again. Will read on...
Carey Feedingbabyalexi

From: Disney (Fri Oct 19 13:25:29 2012)
I am totally wowed and perapred to take the next step now.

From: Mahalingam (Fri Oct 19 08:24:49 2012)
I love reading these articles baecuse they're short but informative.

From: Patti adams (Sat Jun 30 13:52:12 2012)
Wow my keagan looks just like him

From: Jimmy (Sun Jan 15 02:30:51 2012)
Heck yeah bay-bee keep them cmonig!
Tim Grills at Sokal

From: Jean Grills (Sat Oct 17 16:31:10 2009)
Tim is the second from the left, the good looking one!
From: tim grills (Sat Jun 19 12:33:43 2010)
the 1st kid in line is milan bota. he was a black belt in judo at age 9. i have the scar on my chin from the 6 stitches to prove it.

From: Jean Grills (Sat Oct 17 16:32:21 2009)
Tim is the first row on the right, doing circles. He hated it!
From: tim grills (Sat Jun 19 12:31:49 2010)
my legs are still that thin(not)

From: Barbara Walsh (Mon May 10 09:40:53 2010)
Are these kiss'n cousins?

From: Julie (Thu Aug 31 10:33:45 2006)
This is the DeCiccos - Larry, Jean, Gramma DeCicco?, Pam and John ... Buddy on the other side
From: Jean DeCicco,Aunt Helen Nelson, Ann DeCicco and John DeCicco (Sat Sep 9 14:37:47 2006)
Jean DeCicco,Aunt Helen Nelson, Ann DeCicco and John DeCicco With Alen DeCicco on other end.
From: Cindy (Fri Dec 11 19:56:45 2009)
3rd woman over is Aunt Helen, Julie Hungerfords Aunt!!
New House

From: Jean Grills (Sat Oct 17 16:59:50 2009)
Cletus & Jean's dining room. Cletus built the cabinets.
Robyn, Cathy, Jeff, John, ? Greg, Kelly, Mark
Ed, Jan, Jeri, Jean, Cotey, Laura, Tim, Steven, Debbie, Dennis
John, Steve, Jacki, Al, Crissy

From: Jeam Grills (Sat Oct 17 16:36:33 2009)
The question mark is my daughter, Donna. She is next to Kelly back row. I didn't even recognize her..oops.

From: From Jean Grills (Sat Oct 17 16:26:03 2009)
Cletus & Jean Grills looking good!
Jan and Julies sister Jean?

From: From Jean Grills (Sat Oct 17 16:24:42 2009)
Yes, the person to the right is Jean Dicicco (Julie's sister)

From: Laura (Sat Sep 5 00:06:04 2009)
Now this was a real turkey moment, what Jan could do with left over turkey.

From: Laura (Sat Sep 5 00:05:24 2009)
Jan & Laura

From: Jim Ripp (Sun Aug 16 13:48:04 2009)
Patrick Adams circa 1949
Joyce and....? @ Jim and Diane's Wedding.jpg

From: (Fri Jul 17 17:10:44 2009)
This is Joyce & Uncle Moores. Izzies brother.
Paul and Sue Shoner

From: Paul Shoener (Tue Dec 30 05:26:32 2008)
Shoener with 2 e's
Back: Mrs Shoop, Betty Tennis,?,? Eileen Dombrowski 
Front: ?, Blanche Kellerhall

From: Paul Shoener (Tue Dec 30 05:24:10 2008)
The lady in red is Elaine Palmer who lived next door to us on the South (driveway side).
HF 01 08 Web.jpg

From: Aunt Julie (Mon Dec 8 13:21:10 2008)
Just beautiful, so nice to be able to see these pictures of the past years & events.
John Adams

From: John Adams (Tue May 29 06:18:34 2007)
What a stud.
Patti and Crissy

From: Robyn (Wed May 31 17:54:54 2006)
I don't think that's Patty? looks like Dawn Winters
From: John Adams (Tue May 29 06:17:44 2007)
I don't think it's my sister either.
Kayla Storme

From: A Lovely little lady. (Sun Mar 11 20:27:26 2007)
I am sure Kayla will be as lovely as her mom.
Robin Lynne Shankland

From: robyn (Mon Jan 22 16:47:46 2007)
that would be Lois Sevcik and not me!!!!! look closely at the face
Oct 2006 018.jpg

From: John A (Sat Nov 25 15:55:10 2006)
I'm so going as this next year. Thanks John.
Culver In 059.jpg

From: Robyn (Wed Sep 27 17:50:13 2006)

Culver In 318.jpg

From: Jan Corcoran (jan) (Tue Sep 26 15:26:49 2006)
This is a bear made from Ed's Legion Shirt & Jac put his medals on it. She had one made for all four girls from other shirts of his.
Culver In 314.jpg

From: Jan Corcoran (jan) (Tue Sep 26 15:24:57 2006)
Jackie's dog - Muffin
Don't know why these last three pics are so huge
Culver In 028.jpg

From: Jan (Tue Sep 26 15:04:29 2006)
Not me - waiting for my suit
Culver In 027.jpg

From: Jan (Tue Sep 26 15:03:45 2006)
She didn't tell us it was cold!
Culver In 022.jpg

From: Grandma (Tue Sep 26 15:02:51 2006)
Grandma said we could go in with our clothes!!!

From: Robyn (Tue Apr 4 13:00:53 2006)
That's Amy
From: Stefanie (Fri Sep 22 17:00:10 2006)
Yeah, that's Amy
From: Amy Strange (Sun Sep 24 12:37:53 2006)
Yeah, thats me... you also spelled Stefanie wrong as well. Geez..who made this thing??? :)
From: Uncle John (Mon Sep 25 07:40:32 2006)
I can not tell a lie it was your Aunt Jan.

From: John A (Wed Sep 6 20:04:23 2006)
Oh, that rain!
Poor kid, got poisin ivy. Looks like we beat him! :)

From: John A (Wed Sep 6 19:59:27 2006)
Nasty. But I got to stay home from school.

From: John A (Wed Sep 6 19:58:14 2006)
This was the best site
Stephen Buck with wife Vivian and baby Sophia

From: Cindy (Wed Sep 6 14:34:03 2006)
Sephen Buck with baby Sophia and Viv...
The Shain girls
Jamie, Sammy and Katey 2005

From: Cindy (Wed Sep 6 14:33:05 2006)
This is Jamie Sammy and Katey Shain 2005.

From: Dad (Sun Sep 3 16:46:46 2006)
Mama Carey, way to go!

From: Dad (Sun Sep 3 09:22:25 2006)
A little excited.

From: Dad (Sun Sep 3 09:21:55 2006)
Great Shot!!
Cindy Hungerford

From: Cindy (Tue Aug 29 17:33:40 2006)
Also the house in Colorado.. around 1976-78
Jill and Cindy Hungerford, in the new Califonia house

From: Cindy (Tue Aug 29 17:32:00 2006)
This is the house in Colorado folks...
Debbie and Steve Bush

From: Cindy (Tue Aug 29 16:24:52 2006)
Hey this is Debbie Hungerford and Todd Buck ...
From: Laura (Tue Aug 29 17:04:18 2006)
Yes it is!!

From: Jan (Thu Aug 24 17:37:47 2006)
The No Bangs Era

From: Jan (Thu Aug 24 17:35:27 2006)
The Poor Hated Doll!!
Ed Green

From: Jackie (Thu Aug 24 17:07:21 2006)
Classic Ed!!!

From: Jackie (Thu Aug 24 17:04:56 2006)
The Motley Crew!

From: Jan (Thu Aug 24 16:55:17 2006)

From: Jan (Thu Aug 24 16:41:02 2006)
Didn't last!

From: Jan (Thu Aug 24 16:38:33 2006)
Jack Marinich

From: Jan (Thu Aug 24 16:35:49 2006)
Ed Green, Sandy Reuther, Doody Reuther

From: Jan (Thu Aug 24 16:31:55 2006)
Dooodie & Bob Grills

From: Jackie (Thu Aug 24 16:30:09 2006)
Ed picked this out for Cleat

From: Jan (Fri Jul 28 15:55:35 2006)
He was supposed to catch dinner - some Fisherman!!
Dick Pullin, Mike Winter, Bob Eshoo, Bill Bremer, John Shankland, Nick Defronzo, Butch Horn, Jim Sevcik.
Marsh Pullin, Carolyn Winter, Joni Bremer, Sharon DeFronzo, Jan Shankland, Marilyn Eshoo, Lois Sevcik, Sheri Horn.

From: Jan (Fri Jul 28 15:54:25 2006)
We knew how to have fun!

From: Jan (Fri Jul 28 15:53:16 2006)
Great Picture
Bad girls

From: Jan (Fri Jul 28 15:52:21 2006)
Learned it from the men
Cotey's Bday

From: Jan (Fri Jul 28 15:34:41 2006)
I feel really OLD!

From: Jan (Fri Jul 28 15:28:03 2006)
Bob & I went to see the fisherman's huts on the ice
Mike, Carolyn, Judy and Tom

From: Jan (Fri Jul 28 15:26:05 2006)
Are we having fun yet?

From: Jan (Fri Jul 28 15:24:24 2006)
Can't believe I ever had dark hair - yuk!

From: John A (Thu Jul 27 10:07:08 2006)
Nice picture.

From: JONI (Mon Jul 24 03:15:44 2006)
Nice cut!!

From: Robyn (Sat Jul 22 06:58:19 2006)
great pic

From: Robyn (Sat Jul 22 06:53:24 2006)
Michael Jordanisk!! tongue a wagging

From: Robyn (Sat Jul 22 06:52:04 2006)
look at that form!!!!
Wow, barefootin' :)

From: Robyn (Sat Jul 22 06:46:04 2006)
Nick and Sharon

From: Robyn (Sat Jul 22 06:40:40 2006)
always thought this was a cool pic

From: Robyn (Sat Jul 22 06:35:47 2006)

From: Jim Jr. (Thu Jul 20 11:31:43 2006)
Julesberg, Col. on the way home. John played the Mills Brothers on the lounge juke box

From: JIM JR. (Thu Jul 20 11:28:30 2006)
Wells Fargo Stage Stop Central City
What town was this?

From: Jim Sr. (Mon Jul 3 08:38:58 2006)
I'm guessing Georgetown
From: Joe (Sun Jul 9 15:27:39 2006)
I'm guessing this is either Idaho Springs or Silver Plume. It's too spread out for Georgetown. It actually looks like Blackhawk or Central City, but I don't think they went that way.
From: Jim Jr. (Thu Jul 20 11:21:58 2006)
Central City -I Think

From: Jim Jr. (Thu Jul 20 11:20:26 2006)
Roaring Fork River
We shared a room with Jim and Lois

From: Jim Jr. (Thu Jul 20 11:12:00 2006)
Room at thr Mt. Chalet
The pass.

From: jim jr. (Thu Jul 20 11:08:09 2006)
Eisenhower tunnel

From: Joni (Thu Jul 20 05:19:07 2006)
I don't remember this but it sure is beautiful.
From: John (Thu Jul 20 06:44:23 2006)
did we stop for lunch or dinner here?
John and Jessie

From: Dad (Wed Jul 19 09:33:34 2006)

From: Jim Sr. (Mon Jul 17 08:53:57 2006)
Lucy,Tom Walski,Joe.Lois
Family picnic on the mountain.

From: Robyn (Mon Jul 3 19:20:52 2006)
what brought the Sevciks to the mountains? Were they from the mountains?
From: Jim Sr. (Mon Jul 17 08:48:12 2006)
The Sevciks were just Ski nuts-skied Snowmass before it was open-via sno-cat

From: Robyn (Sun Jul 16 17:26:45 2006)
losers have nothing better to do than go to little sis's b-day party at chuckie cheese
Maureen and Robyn

From: Robyn (Sun Jul 16 17:16:28 2006)
awe, what a great pic.
Lake of the Woods Crissy in a play

From: Robyn (Sun Jul 16 17:15:03 2006)
that's Bonnie Ogden

From: Robyn (Sun Jul 16 17:14:02 2006)
that's a great pic

From: Robyn (Sun Jul 16 17:11:52 2006)
oh my gosh it's Jeff Nelson. He was one of my best friends in HS

From: Robyn (Sun Jul 16 17:02:55 2006)
That barely looks like u!!

From: Robyn (Sun Jul 16 17:00:01 2006)
um, who is that

From: JONI (Thu Jul 13 10:45:59 2006)

From: JONI (Thu Jul 13 10:45:25 2006)

From: JONI (Thu Jul 13 10:43:40 2006)

From: JONI (Thu Jul 13 10:41:37 2006)
From: JONI (Thu Jul 13 10:42:34 2006)

From: JONI (Thu Jul 13 10:40:39 2006)

From: JONI (Thu Jul 13 10:39:30 2006)

From: JONI (Thu Jul 13 10:37:27 2006)

From: JONI (Thu Jul 13 10:35:28 2006)
The new race track.

From: Robyn (Sun Jul 9 19:14:33 2006)
love those shake and go cars!!!

From: Robyn (Sun Jul 9 19:11:58 2006)
watch out Avery your Uncle Nick and cousin Camryn will fight you for that lunch box!!!!! LOL
A rare photo. From foreground to the horizon not a single man made structure. This is the view our forefathers had.

From: Joe (Sun Jul 9 15:31:08 2006)
While there is still a lot of open spaces out there, especially in eastern Colorado (where this was probably taken), it woul be much harder to get this same shot today. There's just more "stuff" out there now.

From: Joe (Sun Jul 9 15:29:23 2006)
I'm almost certain that this is Idaho Springs. It's changed quite a bit over the years, but the main street still looks pretty much like this.
Joey Sevcik

From: Jim Sr. (Mon Jul 3 08:35:00 2006)
I taught him everything he knew
From: Joe Sevcik (Sun Jul 9 15:24:03 2006)
Can you believe those were 205 centimeter skis! (Nice pole baskets too.)
Sight seeing along the way.

From: Joe Sevcik (Sun Jul 9 15:12:45 2006)
This is Georgetown. I've been there many times since and it's changed quite a bit.

From: Kristine Sethne (Wed Jul 5 14:26:36 2006)
Mark Sethne mining gold at Knott's Berry Farm
James Sevcik Esquire

From: Jim Sr. (Mon Jul 3 08:33:18 2006)
The backpack is for the picnic-full of wine & chese

From: Jim Sevcik Sr. (Mon Jul 3 08:26:34 2006)
Looks like John Pollack
Jim Sevcik the elder

From: Jim Sevcik Sr. (Mon Jul 3 08:23:22 2006)
a cigar and a beer- it does'nt get any better than this!
After skiing sing-a-longs in the lodge.

From: jim sevcik sr. (Mon Jul 3 08:19:31 2006)
I bet we're singing Ramblin' Boy

From: jim sevcik sr. (Wed Jun 28 09:09:23 2006)
the inverted white bucket is an electrical junction box!
One of the things that kept us togeather for so long was the great lesbian shows. :)

From: John A (Tue Jun 27 15:09:00 2006)
I thought this was a family show.

From: John A (Tue Jun 20 09:31:04 2006)
Dad, can you add names for this photot?

From: John A (Tue Jun 20 09:21:14 2006)
Home sweet home.

From: John A (Tue Jun 20 09:12:51 2006)

From: John A (Tue Jun 20 09:11:56 2006)
Thank goodness for the older men in the group. :)

From: John A (Tue Jun 20 09:09:37 2006)
Another portage
From: John A (Tue Jun 20 09:11:09 2006)
Although I think the young men in the group wanted to take a crack at the water.

From: John A (Tue Jun 20 09:08:47 2006)
Portage! :)
Very tough but fun work.

From: John A (Tue Jun 20 09:06:10 2006)
You look nervous.

From: John A (Tue Jun 20 09:01:44 2006)
What an awesome place.
Can't you just hear the applause?

From: Dad (Tue Jun 20 05:26:31 2006)
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Principal of the school

From: Crissy (Mon Jun 19 14:17:56 2006)
actually, that's lyle's teacher
Love this picture

From: Robyn (Mon Jun 19 05:32:14 2006)
she is so cute
From Grandma Mary's head to Crissy's mouth.

From: Robyn (Wed Jun 14 17:14:59 2006)
look at her eyes

From: Robyn (Wed Jun 14 16:57:48 2006)
great pic
Robyn's Birthday

From: Robyn (Wed Jun 14 08:37:18 2006)
awe that's a great pic
Jim Roni

From: Robyn (Wed Jun 14 08:24:29 2006)
Jim Ronning
Check out Grandma Mary getting on the raft.

From: Robyn (Wed May 31 17:52:59 2006)
that's awesome
From: John A (Thu Jun 1 13:38:38 2006)
Didn't she go tubbing that year?
June Bugs

From: John A (Thu Jun 1 13:37:35 2006)
Actually these are mayflies
He lost a lot of weight before and after his gallblader surgery

From: Robyn (Wed May 31 17:58:12 2006)
Around 1958

From: Robyn (Wed May 24 19:39:19 2006)
grandma looks evil in that pic!!! a little mommy dearest!!
From: John A (Wed May 31 17:34:26 2006)
That's what I thought at first too, but check out what she's sitting on. A paint can on top of a ladder. Probably a little shaky and I bet it hurt.
People used to send Xmas cards

From: John A (Wed May 31 17:32:44 2006)
Some still do.

From: Jan (Tue May 30 14:25:53 2006)
Remember those days Big John?

From: Jan (Tue May 30 14:24:35 2006)
Guess she figured if they could - why not her!

From: Jan (Tue May 30 14:23:08 2006)
Isn't this where we went & Cotey wore his Speedo but wouldn't take the towel off??

From: Dad (Tue May 30 12:27:37 2006)
What a great picture and it's nice to see Nicole with the big smile.
Grandma and Mom in Kenosha

From: Robyn (Thu May 25 13:00:11 2006)
great pic
Graduation night. I remember my parents had a huge fight, never knew about what. They ended up giving me some money and telling me to go out with my friends. I was happy with that.

From: Robyn (Thu May 25 12:55:10 2006)
oh how funny. he looks mad

From: Robyn (Wed May 24 19:34:57 2006)
he was a nice looking boy
Shirley Shoener Lyons

From: Paul Shoener (Wed May 24 12:33:55 2006)
I don't think that this is my sister Shirley. Maybe Coleen or Dan can confirm.
Any one remember this whako's name?

From: Robyn (Tue May 23 17:07:25 2006)
no, but I do remember him
Doing card magic

From: Robyn (Tue May 23 17:04:05 2006)
Social Director

From: Robyn (Tue May 23 17:03:13 2006)
I like boys
It's a guy, Its a girl, it's I don't know what.

From: Robyn (Tue May 23 17:02:39 2006)
boy george twin!! I remember "her" too

From: Robyn (Tue May 23 17:01:32 2006)
great pic
I hope you wern't doing that to me.

From: Robyn (Tue May 23 17:00:42 2006)

From: Robyn (Tue May 23 16:59:11 2006)

From: Robyn (Tue May 23 16:58:25 2006)
my life before I discovered flip flops!!!!!!!!!! lol at least my feet were like babies feet back then!!!
The club

From: Robyn (Tue May 23 16:56:45 2006)
I remember that guy!!!

From: John A (Mon May 22 09:40:46 2006)
From: Dad (Mon May 22 13:23:49 2006)
Funny, I thought the same thing when I looked at this, could be, who knows.
How do you like it Marilyn. I had a pie handed to me by someone back stage and let her have it. Notice the reaction of the director on the right.

From: Robyn (Mon May 22 11:01:25 2006)
great revenge dad!!!
After begging and pleading Marilyn Eshoo conned me into participating in a musical for a little theater group.

From: Robyn (Mon May 22 10:57:50 2006)
u look alot like Leann Eshoo there dad!!!! hee hee
Diane and Jim Hungerford

From: John A (Mon May 22 09:42:40 2006)

From: Robyn (Mon May 22 06:48:19 2006)
a little drunk???
Elliot Kahn, a friend from Detroit

From: Robyn (Mon May 22 06:39:05 2006)
who is that?
ski friday.JPG

From: Crissy Ship (crissy) (Fri May 19 19:27:10 2006)
Lyle is the one on the far right.
From: Robyn (Mon May 22 06:32:29 2006)
I could tell!! that is so cute
Now princesses

From: Robyn (Mon May 22 06:26:41 2006)
How cute
Ohio 2 Web.jpg

From: Jan (Sat May 20 20:01:11 2006)
Frieda's work!!!

From: Dad (Tue May 16 16:04:38 2006)
Those eyes are really blue
From: Crissy Ship (crissy) (Sat May 20 12:57:38 2006)
She looks a lot like Robyn in this photo.
fam 8'04.JPG

From: Dad (Fri May 19 22:02:17 2006)
What a great shot.

From: John A (Wed May 17 20:41:53 2006)
Gina made me throw that away :(!
The Burgages and Shanklands at 232 S 6th Ave LaGrange, IL

From: Crissy (Thu Mar 23 10:33:58 2006)
There goes the neighborhood!
From: John A (Wed May 17 20:33:36 2006)
Not sure where I got the idea that hippies and the Grateful Dead are cool.
Rag's Replacement?

From: Robyn (Tue Apr 11 13:15:10 2006)
MOM fess up and tell everyone what you and Aunt Terry did with that dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: John A (Wed May 17 20:29:21 2006)
Didn't she tell us it got hit by a car, but she really took it to a farm?
Easter 1978, what happened to Christmas?

From: John A (Wed May 17 20:26:09 2006)
Yeah, I'm still mad at Santa for that one.

From: Gina (Wed May 17 14:06:43 2006)
Okay, now that is very "Starsky and Hutch" or better yet "Shaft".

From: John A (Wed May 17 13:53:22 2006)
Now I'm starting to remember this guy.
John and friends

From: John A (Wed May 17 13:41:15 2006)
Ok this is bad. I couldn't tell you any names.
Mary Eliza Brian Shankland

From: John A (Wed May 17 13:35:20 2006)
Now that's a nice picture.
I loved having a dinning room and all the family dinners there.

From: John A (Wed May 17 13:33:59 2006)
See Gina we need a dinning room.

From: John A (Wed May 17 13:29:18 2006)
Find those eggs.
Almost 90 and both palms on the floor.

From: John A (Wed May 17 11:28:19 2006)
I couldn't do that then.

From: John A (Wed May 17 11:06:48 2006)
I played the buttons off that game.
standing still for once

From: Dad (Tue May 16 16:06:42 2006)
She is getting tall!!
didn't mean to put this one in there

From: Dad (Tue May 16 16:05:38 2006)
Scuba Diving, White Sox, Bears Fan, my kind of girl.

From: Dad (Tue May 16 11:40:03 2006)
Go Gettem Avery

From: Dad (Tue May 16 11:39:07 2006)
Great hat!!

From: Dad (Tue May 16 11:38:13 2006)
Now those guys know how to get Easter eggs!!
Mac and Cory in Cory's hole!!!!  Boys are so odd!!!!

From: Dad (Sun May 14 13:27:48 2006)
There are good reasons to be doing this beut I can't tell you because you are a girl
From: John A (Mon May 15 21:22:58 2006)
They sure are. Kind of like digging to China.
This is were we put Mac when he's bad!!!! :)

From: Dad (Sun May 14 13:29:26 2006)
Looks to me like he is trying to find Li. :)
How stinking cute is he!!!!!!

From: Dad (Sun May 14 13:26:39 2006)
Great Picture
watch out Cory!!!

From: Dad (Sun May 14 13:24:30 2006)
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
Aunt Teri

From: Robyn (Fri May 12 11:54:37 2006)
was she sick here already? she looks sickly
Paul and John's 25th and 26th birthdays at 4141 Howard

From: Robyn (Fri May 12 11:44:04 2006)
very cool pic
Bill Burbage

From: Robyn (Fri May 12 11:35:38 2006)
Dad, isn't that u

From: Robyn (Thu May 11 07:15:28 2006)
OMG I CAN'T GET AWAY FROM HER She's following me!!!!!!
Too funny!!

From: Robyn (Thu May 11 07:13:06 2006)
I can still hear the laughter watching John Shotwell dancing!!! What good times we had. Lets buy a place like Klinger!!!!

From: Robyn (Thu May 11 07:12:08 2006)

From: Robyn (Thu May 11 07:09:50 2006)
wow we could have had our own circus!!!!!!!!!!

From: Robyn (Thu May 11 07:05:15 2006)
grandma could get the babies to laugh

From: Robyn (Thu May 11 07:02:07 2006)
Sandy and I loved those slutty shirts!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

From: Robyn (Thu May 11 06:42:06 2006)
hmmmm I was always serving the cake!!!!!!
Each with our quilt made by Grandma Mary

From: Robyn (Thu May 11 06:40:14 2006)
good way to know who's is who!!!

I have the mine and cotey's

From: Robyn (Thu May 11 06:07:16 2006)
how lucky were we to have two great grandmothers!!! wow

that is what I miss for my kids. The family being around for events and whatnot

From: Robyn (Thu May 11 06:04:55 2006)
Gretchen Ogden before 14 yr old pregnancy
Who are these girls?

From: Robyn (Wed Mar 22 08:13:52 2006)
I remember them but can't remember who they are??
From: Dad (Wed May 10 13:43:58 2006)
Jan says they are neighborhood girls and I took their picture becasue they were dressed in the 50's
Back: Sue Shoener,?,Toni Patyk
Middle Dorthery Stafford, Edna Gula, Ruth Henderickson
Front Dotty Bernett, Frieda Shankland

From: Coleen (Lyons) Schwartz (Fri May 5 19:27:25 2006)
Yes, that's Sue Shoener at the upper left corner. My beautiful Grandmother.
Robin and Dan Nolan

From: Robyn (Tue Apr 25 17:11:12 2006)
now that's funny
From: Dad (Thu May 4 14:28:03 2006)
Does this kid have balls or what? Putting his arm around my daughter.

From: Robyn (Mon May 1 14:45:29 2006)
some things never change

From: Robyn (Tue Apr 25 17:19:54 2006)
great pic

From: Robyn (Tue Apr 25 17:10:15 2006)
wow UGLY
Robins Birthday

From: Robyn (Tue Apr 25 17:09:28 2006)
why is Crissy sitting next to my man? BAAA HAAA HAAA Danny Nolan!!

From: Robyn (Tue Apr 25 17:04:23 2006)
I have that at my house

From: Diane (Tue Apr 25 14:48:47 2006)
Becky Hamada-friend of Diane's

From: Diane (Tue Apr 25 14:47:47 2006)
Little John Friend of Hungerfords

From: Jan (Fri Apr 21 17:35:09 2006)
Pics are great, but these should should be removed!

From: Diane (Fri Apr 21 17:18:02 2006)
Sheri & Butch
Rhonda Beth Shankland

From: Gina (Sun Apr 16 05:21:48 2006)
Okay, I guess the Sethne genes are as strong as those male Shankland genes. This is Frieda right?
From: Gina (Sun Apr 16 05:23:15 2006)
Okay it is 5 am and I forgot which decade I was viewing. Sorry rhonda.
4 generations Mary Eliza, John Howard, John Norman and Robyn Lynne Shankland

From: Robyn (Sat Apr 15 15:52:55 2006)
four generations

From: Robyn (Sat Apr 15 15:51:53 2006)
ya, lighten up Robyn
Who is it?

From: Robyn (Tue Apr 11 13:16:15 2006)
Teacher at Park and my VB coach
I think she thinks it's funny

From: robyn (Tue Apr 11 13:11:28 2006)
Awe, Grandma's wonderful laugh. Miss that

From: Robyn (Tue Apr 11 13:03:53 2006)
This painful!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost fell out of my chair and choked on my apple!!

From: robyn (Tue Apr 11 13:02:46 2006)

From: Robyn (Tue Apr 11 12:56:40 2006)
couldn't you afford to buy me a sweater that fit!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Great Hungerford posture going on!!
Robyn and the Ogden's Bonnie, ? Pam

From: Robyn (Tue Apr 11 12:54:57 2006)
That's Gretchen and the other is Sandy. She has since committed suicide

From: robyn (Fri Apr 7 08:44:03 2006)
Pam Ogden

From: robyn (Fri Apr 7 08:37:56 2006)
How cute is that. I am going to print that one and frame it.

From: robyn (Fri Apr 7 08:30:45 2006)
I still sit like that!! all slouched down. Uncle Jimmy told me once it's the Hungerford slouch
Robyn's Bday

From: Robyn (Fri Apr 7 08:29:33 2006)
Talent Show Robyn

From: Robyn (Fri Apr 7 08:16:09 2006)
my talent show at Park, but I don't remember what we were doing?
Grandma Mary and the wonderful home at Klinger Lake Michigan

From: Robyn (Fri Apr 7 07:51:17 2006)
Words can't express how I feel about this picture
? Jennifer, Mike

From: Robyn (Fri Apr 7 07:23:31 2006)
man they have some lips Isn't that Mark
Once a year beer

From: Robyn (Thu Apr 6 17:11:43 2006)
first time I have ever seen you drink a beer in my 42 years!!!
Uncle Ed

From: Robyn (Thu Apr 6 17:02:20 2006)
looks drunk!!!
We naever actually did this as Jan got hurt.

From: Robyn (Wed Mar 22 08:03:12 2006)
Ya, but I did!!!!!!!!!!! I think in IN. Vickie and I on top I believe! Very choppy water
From: John Shankland (dad) (Sun Mar 26 04:15:20 2006)
We did many pyramids, but we never got this one.

From: Jan (Sat Mar 25 11:48:21 2006)
Judy again downtown LaGrange
Marilyn Cutler

From: Jan (Sat Mar 25 11:47:42 2006)
Not Marilyn - Judy

From: Jan Corcoran (jan) (Sat Mar 25 07:06:05 2006)
Think they were cold??
Easter Sunday 1974

From: Robyn (Thu Mar 23 09:34:49 2006)
How stinking cute!! Cutest!!!

From: Robyn (Wed Mar 22 08:27:21 2006)
John's hand if balled up in a fist like he's ready to punch Cotey's lights out!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

From: Robyn (Wed Mar 22 08:07:17 2006)
Great Pic

From: Robyn (Tue Mar 21 17:09:30 2006)
Grandma Mary's apartment in Kenosha WI for mother's day. If you look in the door way you will seee Uncle Gordy. He use to let us run the halls and go up and down in the elevator!!!!!!!!!

From: Robyn (Sun Mar 19 13:15:46 2006)
How cute is he!!!! Nice suit!!! LOL
The next 6 photos are out of order and from Stone Park. they are slides but not 35mm. I don't know where they came from. I decided I wanted to teach myself how to make a pie.

From: Robyn (Sun Mar 19 13:08:27 2006)
I have always, for some reason, loved this pic of you dad!!!
three day.JPG

From: Dad (Sun Mar 12 20:31:05 2006)
A great thing you did!!
Who is Cher?

From: Jan (Sun Mar 12 11:32:42 2006)
Steve Reynolds & ??
Auntie Kay, Robyn, Jan

From: Robyn (Thu Mar 9 11:10:08 2006)
Now there's some 80s hair!!!!!!!!!
While living in New Jersy I fell in love with old homes. I was determined that my next home would be an old one. When we had the opportunity to move back to Chicago we headed straight to LaGrange to look for a house.

From: Robyn (Wed Mar 8 09:05:56 2006)
See mom standing by the tree?
She was a trooper, helped with the design, work and I am sure finacially. She just finished rolling the ceiling.

From: Robyn (Tue Mar 7 13:42:38 2006)
What a great pic!!!! miss her :)
Grandma even put the kids to work.

From: Robyn (Tue Mar 7 13:41:21 2006)
I remember doing that!!!
Jack and John

From: Robyn (Thu Mar 2 11:05:59 2006)
I can see why Grandma was attracted to Grandpa. He had quite the bod!
Gordon's 4th birthday party in front of 6342 S LeClaire Ave. Unknown neighborhood children. July 29th 1948

From: Robyn (Thu Mar 2 11:01:50 2006)
Now that's hysterical

From: Robyn (Wed Mar 1 14:48:51 2006)
How cute

From: Robyn (Wed Mar 1 14:20:52 2006)
Yikes!!!!!!!!!! goofy

From: Robyn (Fri Feb 24 14:08:37 2006)
Aren't we cute!!!!!
From: John (Mon Feb 27 13:16:37 2006)
At least I'm smiling in this photo.
John N Shankland hood

From: Robyn (Fri Feb 24 12:18:03 2006)
My skid friends in High School use to wear their belts like that!!!

From: Robyn (Fri Feb 24 12:04:52 2006)
I miss her so much!!!!!

From: Betty Tennis Howard (Sat Feb 18 09:33:31 2006)
This photo was taken at our lobster party. Larry Tennis flew fresh lobster in from Boston.

From: Jan (Tue Aug 16 14:42:11 2005)
still more coming

From: Jan Corcoran (jan) (Tue Aug 16 13:58:59 2005)
visions of sugar plums dance in their dreams

From: John (Wed Jul 6 05:40:59 2005)
Great picture

From: John (Wed Jul 6 05:38:53 2005)
Isn't brother Bill Uncle Cletus?

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