The Shain Family
Katey, Travis, Cindy, Mike
Samantha, Jamie  
From: Gamzeli  Thu Jul 23 04:29:31 2015
That's a nicely made answer to a chlgnealing question


Kayla Storme  
From: A Lovely little lady.  Sun Mar 11 20:27:26 2007
I am sure Kayla will be as lovely as her mom.


David and Kayla Storme  
From: Alexandra  Fri Mar 18 21:42:13 2016
We need more ingthsis like this in this thread.


Christine (Missy) Skulstad and friend  
From: Dayanara  Fri Mar 18 20:31:00 2016
Deep thought! Thanks for cotnbiruting.


Son Travis, Cindy and Mike Shain at a fund raiser. 1800s Reanacting  
From: Charleigh  Fri Mar 18 20:30:48 2016
Good point. I hadn't thouhgt about it quite that way. :)


Stephen Buck with wife Vivian and baby Sophia  
From: Cindy  Wed Sep 6 14:34:03 2006
Sephen Buck with baby Sophia and Viv...


Dad, Mom and Aunt Jackie during her trip to SanDiego with Aunt Jerri  
From: Helena  Thu Jul 23 17:17:13 2015
It's worudnfel to have you on our side, haha!


The Shain girls
Jamie, Sammy and Katey 2005  
From: Cindy  Wed Sep 6 14:33:05 2006
This is Jamie Sammy and Katey Shain 2005.


Jeff Kolack  
From: Mohamed  Thu Jul 23 14:33:13 2015
Th'ats the best answer of all time! JMHO


Joyce and....? @ Jim and Diane's Wedding.jpg  
From:  Fri Jul 17 17:10:44 2009
This is Joyce & Uncle Moores. Izzies brother.


Joyce at someone's wedding....? Johnny, Bill, Bobby Storme ? (in hat), Grandma Hungerford, Julie, Jerri, circa 1967.jpg  
From: Julie Hungerford  Wed Jun 10 00:02:13 2015
This the church where Jim and Diane where married.


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